Finding Your Place

findyourplaceGrace Church is a family of people on a mission together to grow a dynamic Christian church serving communities from the South Downs to the sea (see our vision page for more information on this). We want to see the gospel – the great news that Jesus died and rose again so that we can be set free and have a relationship with God – shared with everyone. We are in the process of building a dynamic church and constantly inviting others to come and join us.

That may sound like a big task and you may not know how you fit in, but we are sure that there is a place for everyone in Grace Church. Some people know how they want to fit in and do it quickly and easily, other people may be new to church, or our style of church, and may take longer to know the best place for them.

We want to make sure that everyone is able to find their place and be fully part of Grace Church as soon as they want to be and as easily as possible. We are sure that there is a place for everyone, and if you are not sure where yours is please ask us to help you find it.

First Steps

This website is a good place to begin – in these pages you will start to get an idea of all the many things that we do and the ways that you can be involved. However, it’s one thing to read about us, and another to experience and get to know us for yourself.

We therefore recommend that everyone starts by coming along on a Sunday. When you’re there please fill in a visitors card to help us get to know you and after the meeting please come to our coffee area and introduce yourself and say “Hi” to one of the leaders. We would love to chat with you, answer any questions and talk about Grace Church and the best way for you to find your place with us.

Next Steps

If you’ve been coming along for a little while and want to get more involved, we recommend either attending the Alpha course or becoming part of a mid-week life group and attending our Exploring Membership Day. We would also encourage you to be part of one of our many volunteer teams and to consider giving financially to Grace Church, as there is probably no better way to feel involved than giving and helping to serve in a volunteer team.

You can find some information about all these things in the pages of this website – but because everyone is unique and has a unique place in Grace Church, it’s probably better to then come and talk to us at the coffee area or at the information desk on a Sunday morning.

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