Support to Local Schools

The Schools Support Team at Grace Church seeks to support schools in ways which are tailored to each individual school. One of the ways in which we have supported over the past year is with delivering regular assemblies in line with the schools PSHE/SMSC education programmes. The assemblies are lively and interactive by bringing examples from the Bible for how we might treat each other with respect, dignity and care. Other assemblies might have been for specific purposes such as Christmas or Easter.

Our aim is to provide the school with help where they need it most. Another way in which we have done this is by members of the education team giving up a few free hours each week to work with children that might be from disadvantaged backgrounds, receive pupil premium benefits, or are at risk of exclusion or disengagement at school. These sessions aim to provide the pupils with time away from the lesson to reflect on their behaviour and performance. Each week they are revisited, adjusted and reflected upon to help the pupils meet their aims. These are tailored to the individuals and have been done in groups and one-on-one’s or a mixture of the two.

Our main area of support to date has been in secondary schools, but not exclusively. If your school would like free support from the education team then please feel free to contact us. You may have specific needs such as assemblies, reading/writing help or mentoring – we would be more than happy to see if this is something that we could help support you with.

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