Compassion Child Survival Programme

Every day, more than 21,000 children under five die from easily preventable causes. Since February 2009, Grace Church has partnered with Compassion UK to fund the Kairos Child Survival Programme, near Bacolod City, in the Philippines. This programme is run by the Good Shepherd Church, who work in the area – Compassion only work through local churches.

Since infant mortality is extremely high in this part of the world, the first priority in promoting effective child development is to ensure that children survive the early years when they are most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. That means educating the mother or primary caregiver, before and after her child is born, about providing critical care during the earliest years.

Rescuing, nurturing
and discipling little ones

Compassion’s Child Survival Programme (CSP) does just that. Mothers and caregivers are taught critical child development skills and how to administer them when children are most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. The programme also educates mothers on how to provide a safe home environment and age-appropriate developmental opportunities so that their babies and infants have better opportunities for healthy growth.

Mothers and caregivers are also taught literacy and numeracy skills and many receive support for vocational training and income-generating activities to help improve the long-term economic capacity of their families. Mothers, caregivers and children also receive spiritual nurturing so that they can develop a dynamic lifelong relationship with Christ.

The Child Survival Programmes operate alongside child development centres, and many of the children who begin in a CSP are eligible to enter Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Programme when they reach the age of four.

Three ways you can help and get connected:

  1. Each year Grace Church provides the finance (£8000 per year at present) that enables the Kairos CSP to continue. You can give to this directly using PayPal or credit card using the form on this page (see our giving to Grace Church page for other ways of giving) or you can do something to help raise this funding through sponsorship etc.
  2. You can keep up to date by reading the latest newsletter from the Kairos CSP – Click the box on this page.
  3. You can pray – read the newsletters for more information to help your praying.

We also encourage people to consider direct child sponsorship through Compassion in the Philippines too – follow this link to find out more.

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