City Angels (Chichester)

City Angels is part of the ongoing commitment by the many of the  churches in Chichester to love the community we are in.

City Angels operates every Friday and Saturday night. The project is one of over three hundred similar projects currently running nationwide in and around our city centres through the busy night time periods of the weekends. The project is managed by Revelation Church and has a team of eighty plus trained volunteers, mainly drawn from nine different local Churches – including Grace Church.

City Angels are people who believe that actions speak louder than words and that love wins the day. They are a non-statutory body that are there for people when they need it. City Angels are people who are passionate about Chichester and making our City centre at night time a fun filled and safe place to be.

Every Friday night and most Saturday nights, from 10pm until 2am, City Angels are in the City Centre. They distribute free refreshments from a van located at the bottom of South Street so, if you fancy a coffee, tea or hot chocolate or even just seeing a friendly face please come and say hello. If your night does not go as quietly as you hoped or planned, and you need somewhere to go, City Angels are there to help. Part of the team also patrol around the City in the evening bringing a smile and looking out for people.

City Angels only started in late 2011. Since it has been operating in the city there has been a marked reduction in the number of crimes and other incidents – including violent crimes and hospital admissions. For example, throughout 2012 there was a 56% reduction in violent crime and a 61% reduction in alcohol related admissions to A&E at St Richards Hospital during the times City Angels were serving the community. City Angels began to operate on Saturday nights during 2013, and more volunteers are always welcome for both nights!

To find out more about City Angels, or to volunteer to be in the team, please visit the City Angels website or email to

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