Arun Angels (Bognor Regis)

Arun Angels is part of the ongoing commitment by many of the churches in Bognor Regis to love the community we are in.

What is Arun Angels?

A volunteer initiative that works in partnership with Police, the Council, local Christians, churches, businesses and the community. It is committed to the safety and well-being of those who enjoy the nightlife of our town centre. In 2010, Arun Angels became a registered charity with its own board of trustees.

Who are Arun Angels?

Christian volunteers from local churches and who have been trained in the role of a Street Angel. To support and facilitate the work of the Street Angels, there is a part-time paid co-ordinator, a management group made up of local leaders and a network of prayer partners.

Who funds Arun Angels?

The startup funding came from a combination of sources including the Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership of Arun District Council, Sussex Police Authority and support from one of Bognor Regis’ major commercial enterprises. As the project has become established, ongoing funding has come from a number of local organisations and regular commitments from some of the Churches in Bognor Regis and District.

What do the Street Angels do?

Street Angels have been patrolling the streets around the centre of Bognor Regis on Saturday nights since December 2009. As part of the patrol, Street Angels watch out for those who are or have become vulnerable seeking to provide whatever help and support is appropriate. It is seen very much as a safety net service for those who find themselves in difficulty.

Who can become a Street Angel?

Anyone who is committed to the core Christian values of Arun Angels and has an interest in the well being of all those involved in the Bognor Regis nightlife.

How can I become a Street Angel?

There is an application form to complete. All volunteers will be interviewed and if successful, will have to attend two mandatory training sessions. Other training is arranged both as refresher and to extend the skillset of our volunteers.

To get involved or find out more, please contact Derek Baker, the Arun Angels Co-ordinator by phone on 07976 833313 or by email:

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