Short Term Groups

As well as our Life Groups, we also have some short term groups that have a particular focus. Some people carry on meeting with their Life Group while attending a short term group. Others find it easier to do just one thing midweek.

Our short term groups are all about discipleship. Our mission in Grace Church is to make disciples of Jesus. That’s people who have not only put their faith in Jesus for salvation, but also know what it means to follow Jesus throughout their lives – people who love the Bible and base their life upon it.

We run all sorts of short term groups throughout the year. Why not plan ahead, see what would benefit you and book in early! If you have covered everything recently, why not be part of the teams that run these groups for others?

Here are some examples of what’s on offer: Alpha is for people wishing to explore the fundamental truths of Christianity and consider their place in it. Beta helps you to discover what it means to live as a Christian. Freedom in Christ enables a Christian to truly take hold of who they are in Christ – truth that has a dramatic benefit to how we live our lives!

We also offer short term groups on Marriage, on Money Management, and other discipleship areas.

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