Giving to Grace Church

Thank you for your interest in giving to Grace Church.

We are very grateful to everyone who gives money on a regular basis to enable us to do all that we feel God has called us to do in Chichester, Bognor Regis, Midhurst, Havant and all the surrounding areas. It is a hard fact of life that money will always be one of the most limiting factors in all that we are able to do.

To find out more about giving to Grace Church and how we spend our money, please click on the links below.

Why Give?

At Grace Church we believe that giving is a response to the grace of God in our lives. A transforming work of Christ in us. His grace is the action, our giving is the reaction. We give because He first gave to us and God’s generosity towards us is beyond all comprehension. Regular giving is therefore a mark of a fully developing follower of Jesus.

We believe that everything we have belongs to God and we are only looking after what He has given us. The Bible says: "The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." (Psalm 24 v 1) It is with this in mind that we encourage all who call Grace Church their home to give regularly and generously in proportion to their income.

Thank you for your gifts to Grace Church. Thanks for investing in eternity!

What does Grace Church Spend the Money on?

Grace Church doesn't have any other form of income except what is given by our members and those who attend. Most of this income is used to enable us to do all that we do. It pays for our few staff members, for our building costs, the events we run, the tea and coffee provided at meetings and so on. In brief, to allow us to function as a church - discipling and caring for our members, and reaching out and sharing the gospel with those around us.

We believe in the biblical principle of tithing our income and we aim to give away 10% of our income each year. There are several groups that we support as a church - financially and in other ways. Giving to Grace Church is also giving to support these other groups.

It would be almost impossible to list all that we have done in the last year and what our income has been spent on, but here are just a few highlights. During the last financial year (April 2016-2017) we have:

  • Held a fantastic community fun day in Bognor Regis.
  • Seen our Little Bears group in Bognor Regis growing after the Bognor fun day to over 60 people.
  • Had a party to celebrate our 10th birthday.
  • Attended Westpoint as a group of 200 people Church people and had a really great time.
  • Held a summer community BBQ and a children's Christmas party in Midhurst.
  • Supported John and Mollie Oldfield on a trip to India, including visits to some the churches that Grace Church is particularly involved with.
  • Appointed two new elders, Joe Leach and Simpson Charlton.
  • Extended our GraceWorks ministries to include support for Syrian refugees in Chichester.
  • Ran a Freedom in Christ course with 60 attendees.
  • Launched our termly, GraceLife magazine and a new website.
  • Run our biggest autumn Alpha courses to date in Chichester and Bognor Regis.
  • Run five concurrent Alpha courses at the start of 2017 (one in each site, one with our youth and one in Ford Prison), giving a total of over 100 people on Alpha at once – even bigger than the courses we ran in the Autumn!

In addition to this we continued to:

  • Meet each week for worship, teaching and fellowship in Chichester, Bognor Regis and in Midhurst.
  • Seen people saved, baptised and added to the church.
  • Provide great children’s groups on Sundays.
  • Run a fantastic youth group including a weekend away.
  • Continued running our other discipleship courses, including CAP and Beta.
  • Build and maintain strong links with Commission churches in India.
  • Run many ‘specialist’ groups (eg, Tuesday group).
  • Helped support a church member working full time for World Horizons in Turkey.
  • Provided funding and support to the following local groups:
    • Options Pregnancy Crisis Centre
    • Children on the Edge
    • Chichester University Christian Union
    • Christians Against Poverty
    • The Prison Fellowship “Angel Tree” programme at Ford Prison (which provides Christmas presents to the children of the prisoners).
  • Funded a Child Survival Unit in the Philippines via Compassion UK.
  • Given financial gifts to help local people in hardship.
  • Supported the Commission group of churches with both finance and time to help plant and build churches.
  • Supported Adrian Holloway and the John 3:16 Trust.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and we have done so much more as a church than this. All these activities cost money (as well as time and effort) and we are very grateful to everyone who regularly gives financially to support us and to enable us to continue to maintain and grow the church. Thank you if you have been part of that. If not and you would like to give, please see the details on this page for how to give to Grace Church.

Ways to give

There are a number of ways that you can give to Grace Church:

Standing Order
Giving by standing order directly into our bank account is the preferred method as it involves less administration and enables us to budget more easily. You can set up a standing order by using the details listed under "Personal Banking" or by using our standing order set up form that can be downloaded by clicking here.

Personal Online or Telephone Banking
You can send a one-off gift or set up a regular standing order via personal online banking. Log on to your online or telephone banking and request to set up a donation to be made to Grace Church. For all gifts please use these details:
Sort Code: 40-23-18
Account Number: 02136856
Account Name: Grace Church Chichester
Please use your Surname and Initial as the reference. If the gift is for the Buildings Fund, please add "BLDFND" to your reference.

On Sundays - by cash, cheque, credit or debit cards
Cash, cheques or completed credit card forms can be placed in the offering basket on Sunday meetings. Cheques should be payable to “Grace Church”. If you are a UK tax payer and giving cash please put your gift in one of the giving envelopes and complete your details as this will allow us to reclaim the tax you have paid. Each giving envelope also has space for you to complete your credit or debit card details and give that way if you prefer. Giving envelopes are available every Sunday.

Text Giving
To give by Text Giving just text GRAC00 £2, GRAC00 £5 or GRAC00 £10 to 70070. Text giving is limited to £10 per text. Please make sure that you have the bill payer's permission before using text giving. Text Giving is managed by Vodafone but you can use it whatever mobile provider you use. Vodafone will send you a text asking if you (the bill payer - the person who the phone is registered to) pays UK tax. If you do, please reply to Vodafone saying "yes" and they will add the tax to your gift before giving it to us.

If you have a PayPal account you will be able to give a one-off gift to Grace Church by using the link on this page.

Why does Grace Church have different funds? Which one should I give to?

To comply with UK accounting practice, the Grace Church accounts are divided into several operating funds. In general most people give to our two key funds:

General Fund
As the name suggests our General Fund is where most of our day to day general activities and costs take place. Unless otherwise specified all gifts received are placed in the General Fund and are spent on the general work and ministry of Grace Church.

Buildings Fund
Grace Church also has a separate Buildings Fund that is specifically for the building and venue needs of the church. We currently do not own a permanent building of our own and hire up to 20 different venues each month for all our meetings and activities. The Buildings Fund is currently being used to save up for a deposit for when we find a suitable building for us to have as a permanent home. We would ask you to consider giving to this fund on a regular basis in addition to your regular giving to the church.

Other Funds
From time to time we also take up special offerings for particular projects or for urgent needs or relief projects around the world. Special funds are set up and administered for these offerings and will generally be explained at the time.

Tax Effecient Giving (Gift Aid)

If you are a UK tax payer, for every £1 you give to Grace Church we can claim back 25p extra from HMRC at no extra cost to you.

There is no lower or upper limit on the amount that can be given and tax reclaimed, but the gift needs to be traced back to the giver. Cheques, bank transfers, standing orders etc are usually easy to trace but any cash gift needs to be put in a Grace Church giving envelope marked with your name so that we can identify you as the giver. Giving Envelopes can usually be found on the chairs at all of our Sunday meetings.

We can only claim the tax for anyone who pays UK tax at the basic rate or more, and have given us permission by completing a Gift Aid form.You only need to complete a Gift Aid form once and it will then be valid for all your gifts to Grace Church. If you would like to give by Gift Aid for the first time, simply fill in your name and address on a giving envelope and tick the box to say that we can claim Gift Aid on your gifts.

Financial Management

We are committed to excellent to financial management at Grace Church. We do all we can to maintain the highest levels of integrity with the resources God gives us through the tithes and offerings of people like you.

Examples of steps we’ve taken include:

  • Establishing policies for secure handling, counting and recording of all gifts,
  • Producing annual personal statements that show your giving,
  • Preparing and managing a budget,
  • Conducting an external accounting audit annually,
  • Providing regular reports to our Trustees and to the Charity Commission,
  • Providing a financial report to the church.

Our annual accounts are also published by the Charity Commission.

If you have any questions about our financial management, please do not hesitate to ask.


If you have any questions about giving or Grace Church’s finances please chat to one of the Site Leaders on a Sunday morning or contact Simon Taylor in our church office.

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