Commission and Newfrontiers

Grace Church is an autonomous local church with meetings in Chichester, Bognor Regis, Midhurst and Havant, but that doesn’t mean we stand alone or aloof from other churches! We are affiliated with the Evangelical Alliance, an organisation representing the UK’s two million evangelical Christians, and we are part of the local churches together group.

Grace Church is also part of the Commission family of churches – a family of churches that is part of the worldwide group of Newfrontiers churches. If you are unfamiliar with Commission or Newfrontiers, let us take a moment to tell you about them and our links:


Commission is an international family of churches working together to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations. Led by Guy Miller (based in London) and his team, Commission incorporates churches in the UK, India, Spain, Portugal and is developing in other nations.

These churches actively work together to see God’s kingdom advance through church planting, raising leaders, going to the nations, reaching the unreached and working with the poor.

As part of our involvement in this family of churches, once a year we join with other Commission churches at Westpoint. This is a 5 day conference where we come together to share worship, teaching and fellowship.


Commission is part of Newfrontiers.

Newfrontiers started as a family of churches together on a mission and over 30 years Newfrontiers grew to be over 800 churches across the world under the leadership of Terry Virgo.

As Newfrontiers grew, Terry recognised a number of leaders emerging each with a gift to lead, serve and oversee these churches. When Terry reached retirement and stepped back from leading Newfrontiers he released these leaders (now recognised as apostles) to oversee groups of churches. These leaders now work together as interdependent groups called ‘apostolic spheres’ under the Newfrontiers worldwide banner. Commission is one of these apostolic spheres.

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